Playgrounds and Pools

The children are bugging me today to take them to the playground. I was chuckling a little to myself when I told Daughter Rane that she lives in a giant playground (we live out in the country). I told her that I remember being her age visiting my grandparents in Florida and wanting so badly for my grandfather to take me to the community pool to swim. That pool was as far in the opposite direction from his house as the ocean was, and he was not keen on spending money on anything he could get for free; every time I would ask to go to the pool my grandfather would reply (pointing in the direction of the ocean), “you’ve got the world’s largest pool right over there.” That never did go over very well with me, although I can say I will never forget him patiently waiting and watching from the shore while my sister and I played in the waves when we finally did give in to going to the world’s largest pool rather than the community pool.

It’s not just my own children begging to go “to the park” (by which they mean the playground at Reeves Park – all the way across town, at OU); two of my nieces are staying the day with us after spending the night last night, and they are hoping my children can convince me (well, really my husband) to take them all to the park. My children are: Trinidad, Rane, Eva, and Zackery; my nieces are: Adrianna and Alex.

Rane at Reeves Park playground

Alex gives Trinidad a push


Eva and Rane




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