Monday Madness

I’ll admit that today did not get off to such a great start. One of my daughters has become extremely mouthy and accusatory lately, especially on school mornings, and I am not yet adept at taking her verbal tirades against me with a grain of salt, or much aplomb. I’m a master (regrettably) at tongue-lashings, and I sure gave this particular daughter of mine a pretty severe one. Madness Number One.

One of my mottos is, “when all else fails, vacuum” – and everything this morning seemed to be failing (especially my efforts to add footnotes to a timeline I’d spent the night creating for one of the classes I’m taking). Unfortunately, within seconds of beginning to vacuum, I caught a loose loop of somebody’s MP3 player headphone (peeking out from under a pile of early-morning laundry plopped on the sofa to be put away), and, well, that was the end of that. Not only the headphones went flying, but whatever composure I’d regained after Madness Number One. I sent the MP3 player flying into the dining room, picked the pile of clothes up from the living room sofa and tossed the whole shebang into somebody’s bedroom and went on a lovely tirade against the slovenliness of everyone I live with. Not that I’m perfect, mind you, but most of the time I am engaged in a struggle against the messes of 5 other people who really don’t care whether the house is clean or not, or whether the floor has been vacuumed or not… So, Madness Number Two.

The time came to drive the younger children to the bus stop, so I turned a blind eye to the household chaos, picked up my keys and went out the front door to my truck. And I discovered that “someone” had left the window rolled down on the driver’s side – me, perhaps, but not likely as it is my habit to roll up that window each time I get out of the truck. I decided to take this quietly in stride; the children got into the truck and off we went to the bus stop – where a fight quickly ensued between two of my daughters over something hanging from the rear view mirror. I just sat and cried through this Madness Number Three.

good thing the bus arrived

The next trip to the bus stop was to take an older daughter to catch the middle-school bus. The place we usually park, close to the stop sign on the corner, was taken by someone else. This was disappointing because the rain had left muddy puddles my daughter would step into if I parked behind the other vehicle. So, I turned around and parked facing the opposite way on the other side of the road; this meant my daughter couldn’t see the bus coming, which is a huge issue – she wants to be first in line to get on the bus to get a seat – so, I ended up sitting alone in my truck while my daughter waited at the stop sign, out of my sight,  for the bus. I decided to just sit and take pictures and not think of what a mess my life seems to be at this time. No Madness Number Four!


The Creators of Chaos in my life: Rane, Jody, Trinidad, Eva, Zackery
(I really do love them all)


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