Taking Time

ImageSometimes, more often than I care to admit, I feel like I am trying to tie my shoelaces while I am running. I get caught up trying to tie up loose ends, frustrated with the chaos that seems to swirl around me. Then, something unexpected will bring me peace, give me the ability to shut the words off in my head and simply enjoy the moments that are so fleeting. ImageI went outside to check on Daughter Trin, who I’d sent to help her father with mowing. I found Trin standing alongside the driveway, enjoying the honeysuckle that grows there. A nod from her father assured me he was not really in need of her help; she was blissfully unaware of anything but the sweet taste of those pretty little flowers, at least until I showed up! This is what I need to do: take the time to stop and enjoy the honeysuckle.



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