A Key Experience

Wednesday evening, I went to visit Daughter Trinidad at Falls Creek – a “church camp” near Turner Falls about an hour south of Oklahoma City. I’d made a quick trip up to the Corner Market before Jody drove me to Franklin Baptist to meet up with other people who were going to Falls Creek; I didn’t notice that Jody’s truck keys had fallen off the key ring when I got back from “the little store” and we found them on the ground between my truck and the house. It had only just begun to rain when Jody drove me to FBC, and it rained, hard, the whole long drive south to Pauls Valley.

I must say, except for seeing Trin, who will be home Saturday afternoon, I didn’t enjoy Falls Creek any more than Trin seemed to be. The church service we attended was a blaring mix of Christian rock and over-the-top preaching of a convoluted, contradictory message. I spent most of that nearly two hours talking directly into Trin’s ear to calm her down and explain that she should keep an open mind and let others worship as they feel inspired to. She was not at all ‘taken’ with the contradictions which were presented as the gospel truth and I wished I could take her home with me as much as she wanted to leave with me.

We got lost after the service, meaning we could not find the group I rode with from OKC. Trin and I ended up taking a very long walk back to her cabin, and she and I were both disgusted by the unsupervised throngs of teens wandering about the “campus.” Eventually my group made it to Trin’s cabin, which, by the way, housed both girls and boys…seriously, if I had known what Falls Creek was really like (and if anyone had even bothered to consult me about Trin’s going there in the first place), I would not have allowed her to go.

I will say, though, that part of me is glad Trin went, if only to get a real good idea of what she is not looking for in a religion. We both miss the Hindu Temple in Oklahoma City.

The Vedas proclaim, “The Lord, God, all-pervading and omnipresent, dwells in the heart of all beings. Full of grace, He ultimately gives liberation to all creatures by turning their faces toward Himself.” Aum Namah Sivaya


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