The Time Has Come

….and gone…

I’ll admit, one of the things I’m best at is procrastination. I’m procrastinating at this very moment, even as I write…I don’t feel like making phone calls or doing dishes or laundry. I’m not lazy, mind you, and I’m not laid back, either. I’m somewhere in between. There are just some things I don’t feel like doing and some decisions I don’t feel like making – and I really do work best with a deadline close at hand.  But, things have a way of always catching up with me, and eventually I’m forced to either take action or live with the results of my inaction. Sometimes I’m glad I procrastinated; other times I have to rationalize results.

A few months ago I was asked if I would be interested in being the Communications Chair for the Golden Key International Honour Society. Actually, I was offered the opportunity to choose between the Communications Chair and the position of Secretary and the former seemed far more interesting and challenging. Weeks went by with no word about the position after I communicated my preference, and it didn’t seem appropriate to inquire about it. I figured it if was meant to be it would work out.

I did go to the trouble of scheduling entry into graduate school immediately after completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies, since accepting the Chair hinged on my remaining an active Kaplan student through March of 2013; before being offered the opportunity I had been planning on attending Drexel’s graduate program in Communications, but I rationalized a change to Kaplan’s graduate program in Applied Legal Studies as being well worth the experience I would gain as Communications Chair for Golden Key.

As the weeks rolled by, however, I began having doubts about this new plan, and when I happened to stumble upon a link to Full Sail University one fairly recent morning I knew I was looking at my future. I wasted no time in arranging an admissions date; my graduation from Kaplan was to be August 17th and my start date for graduate studies in New Media Journalism at Full Sail was to be August 27th. I was happier than I could remember being in many, many years. And then an e-mail came asking me if I was still interested in the Communications Chair; I’d known I was going to have to let Golden Key know I had changed my plans, but I hadn’t figured out how to do that when I hadn’t really officially been offered the position. It seemed pretentious, even obnoxious, to bring up the subject to anyone at Golden Key; but this e-mail brought the subject up for me. It also set my procrastination in motion, if that makes sense. I did not get around to replying to the questioning e-mail before I received another e-mail congratulating me on my appointment to the Communications Chair by unanimous approval of the executive board.

My procrastination put me in a real bind this time. I couldn’t not accept the position, but I knew I did not want to pursue Legal Studies beyond my Bachelor’s Degree. Fortunately, in a strange twist that a few months ago would not have seemed fortunate at all, I recently learned that I am going to have a minimum of 2 surgeries (and quite likely it will be 3) to repair the damage done to my hip from the auto accident that led me to return to school in the first place. I realized last week that I am not going to be up to the task of taking all 18 credits I’d enrolled for this semester, especially with upcoming surgeries and most especially with having assumed the duties of the Communications Chair. And fortunately I did not procrastinate in making a decision to reduce my course load; when I called my academic advisor it turned out to be the last day of drop-add week.

By dropping one course this semester and scheduling the third (and final for my degree) course for next semester, I have moved my graduation date to October 30th. That’s still 5 months shy of my commitment for the executive board position, but I have time to figure out what to do about that. I may have to take next semester off anyway, due to surgeries, and take my final course in the semester beginning in November – that would bring me to a graduation date in late February and a start date for Full Sail in March or April. A far cry from my original plan of beginning Full Sail in late August, but I can certainly rationalize that this is all for the best 🙂 At the very least, I will have time to learn to use the Nikon camera my husband bought me (not to mention learning to use photo editing software) – and I’ll admit I was a bit concerned about taking on Master’s level courses in communications, especially communications centered on photography and videography, when my background is in legal studies.


Now, I stand to gain much-needed experience from the position on the executive board, time to hone my photography skills, a much-needed break from taking a “full-time-and-a-half” course load, and – best of all – some time to relax a bit and spend time with my children (who all together asked me once several months ago, when I was studying at the dentist’s office during their checkups, if I was ever going to pay attention to them again). I’m sure I can live with these results of my most serious case of  procrastination ever, although now I need to stop procrastinating on the coursework that’s been awaiting my attention for more days than I care to admit (and I will admit, I am tired of legal studies right now).


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