The Replacements

A recent post by a fellow blogger coupled with my own impending birthday got me to thinking about lots of things past and present. While I think it is unhealthy to dwell on the past, I believe it is good to glance back periodically – for nothing more than a progress check and an acknowledgement that it was the past that led to the present.

It is customary to celebrate children’s birthdays, although I have read about families who celebrate MOM on a child’s birthday; in ‘honor’ of my own birthday, I would like to celebrate my own children.

I wrote in a not-too-distant post of my own about things that happen twice in my life; having two ‘sets’ of children would be among those things. I have given birth to eight children…two sets of four, each three girls and a boy, in that order. I would have had more if time and health would have allowed, although a rather bitter comment on said post suggested that my second set is a replacement for the first. I chose not to ‘allow’ that comment, because I suspect it is from a person (party to the loss of my first four children) I would rather not argue with publicly, and because I also believe that sometimes the best response is no response. (Actually, I’d rather not argue at all, but some people are predisposed to arguing and a year of legal studies has made me keenly aware of my aversion to arguments). My response is here: no, the second set was not a replacement…would that question have been posed if I’d had five or six or ten more children? Or ‘just’ one? Children cannot be replaced. And, life must go on. Further, I will not apologize for things that are not my fault. ‘Nuf said, and time to move on.

For quite some time now, I’ve been asking my husband to help me scan in some old photos for I post I’d call “memories.” I have pictures I’d like to share of some horses I’ve had in the past, pets I’ve had, and most especially I have wanted to post pictures of ALL my children. But, the printer-scanner is connected to my husband’s computer – which I will not touch, for reasons I have explained elsewhere – and my husband has not yet taken the time to assist me in using his computer…so, the old photos remain on shelves and walls and in photo albums. The only photos I have to post are the ones I’ve taken in the last year or so…and so much has changed for the better even since just the beginning of this year, I am reluctant even to look at photos that are more than a month or two old.

Here, in celebration of my own birthday, are the not-replacements:


Little Big Sister

who needs an umbrella?

sunsets are the best

award winning flutist


awesome – academic achievement award!


2 faves: Milo and Blue Blankie

future storm chaser


Blazing Blades

with Wiggle Puppy

at the bus stop

the athlete


above it all

a quiet moment

top of the world

(nearly) always on the go


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