It’s My Birthday!

You’ve really got to broadcast that around here, for anyone to remember your birthday no matter what age you are…and I usually don’t do that. This year, though, I have been happily surprised by my family ‘reminding’ me days in advance that my birthday is looming on the horizon, and now it’s here 🙂

My favorite color is orange, so I thought: today is the day for at least one ‘orange post’.

I distinctly remember the day these photos were taken…on one of our occasional (rare, is more like it) trips to town, Trin and I were sharing a camera. That in itself is memorable, as we ‘always’ each have a camera, but for whatever reason we were both wanting to take pictures of the sunset as we drove toward it on our way into town and having to pass the camera back and forth. I remember Trin being a bit beside herself for missing some shot she saw coming up, and refusing to take any more pictures when I passed the camera back to her. She got over it, quickly as she always does, and took more photos when we got to town. Except for the ones with power lines in them (Trin’s, in town), I couldn’t tell you which are hers and which are mine.

We got some really nice shots of the sunset back in the spring, too:


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