Still Dreaming

Ah, the memories ♥

This is the first ‘film’ I ever made…inspired by the Great and Powerful Professor Oz in Law and Society. It’s only a little over a minute long.

The second film I made was “Rainy Day Skating intro” – about our drive from the countryside into the city to go to skating practice (11 and a half minutes).

These were videotaped with an old AIPTEK camera I got at Walgreens Pharmacy half a decade ago (we call it Dinky Camera now)…and the creations were an exercise of joy more than ability.

When I first saw Professor’s Oz’s multimedia presentations for class, I was so overwhelmed with interest (“Trinidad! How did he DO that”?!!!!), I just had to do something in response – and that led to this little series of short videos. They went well, too, with one of the other classes I had that semester, The Humanities as a Technique for Living (especially the unit on Happiness).

I created the YouTube channel ltrez142 in order to share my ‘work’ with my professors and classmates. I’ve had to swear off Movie Maker for the time being…the movies (just 4) I made for classes last fall are all on ltrez142 on YouTube.

When I complete my Bachelor’s Degree and get into the New Media Journalism Master’s program at Full Sail University (next spring), I’m going to get back to making films – documentaries, I hope, but for now, there’s just no time for that much fun, let alone the time it’s going to take for me to get really good at it. It was a lot of fun making these videos, and the memories right now are priceless, for me anyway 🙂

Eva’s Blazing Blades competition (2011) program is here, if you want to see her in action – she’s amazing, especially for a girl whose family can’t afford anywhere near the amount of coaching or private ice time that other kids get.  Eva’s attitude is a joy – a year ago she’d been skating in the same dress and skates for 2 years, her tights were in tatters, and I couldn’t afford to have her hair professionally done for competition, but she never complained about any of that. Just like our whole family – just being able to skate is worth not being in high-style (although, thank you “Santa Claus” for the Zuca bags!).

And these days, anyway, skating is just a dream.


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