Going Home

Well, my procrastination has gotten me knee-deep in it again.

This time, by procrastinating on ever writing an essay to be appointed as a delegate to the Golden Key International Summit later this month, I left myself open to being appointed as the replacement for an appointed delegate who will not be able to attend the summit in Atlanta. Yesterday, I received the e-mail confirming that I will, indeed, be attending the summit.

Hi Lyann, You are all set to go! 

Exciting and frightening, both: I grew up in Atlanta and do not have fond memories of that place.

Now, your next step is to book your flight to Atlanta.

And, I am terrified of flying, although I think that problem will be circumvented by going either by bus or train (think of the photography!).

Lyann, You can get there however you chose.  I am so happy you are excited about this!

Further, I have not been more than an hour’s drive from home since I moved to Oklahoma nearly a decade and a half ago.  This is definitely going to be a change-up for me – and my family.

I want to thank Lyann for stepping in at the last minute. I know she will represent the chapter well. Thank you, Lyann!

*blushing* I am thankful for this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone 🙂

Procrastination? It can definitely take you places!


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