Up on the Rooftop…


Santa is real!

I told him I feel as if I’d like to shout from the rooftops the good news that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well… and he gave his permission for me to share our Christmas Story.

I would like first to share how I met Santa – he is a dear blogger friend of mine who lives in Spain and posted this to his blog: Dear Santa

My comment to the post can be found by scrolling down to where there is a picture of a red Ford truck – my comment is right after that.

If you don’t feel like looking for it, this is what I wrote:

It was encouraging to read someone else’s materialistic wishes, even if they were tongue-in-cheek…. I’ve procrastinated on even ‘liking’ this post (because it is the sort of post you cannot simply do so without adding a comment – or, in this case, a request)…because I have an awful lot of trouble asking for anything materialistic and I certainly don’t expect you to be able to grant nonmaterial wishes. So, the encouragement has led me to wish for this: the set of things my youngest children (the ones who live with me) have asked for that I cannot provide for Christmas… the camera my second-oldest daughter asked for, the new pair of ice skates my third oldest daughter asked for, the marching band jacket my oldest daughter asked for, and the archery set my son asked for. I am thankful for your post, as it gave me the opportunity to even just think what it might be like to grant their wishes, even if all that happens is you can wish for them to have these things, too.

Hugs to you, Santa Ralph 🙂


The day after I commented, I received this e-mail: How can I help Lyann ? There must be some way that I can get these things for your children on your behalf. I have a Paypal account. Just say what sites and what items. Hugs. Santa Ralph xx

I just feel like I need to share the news about this wonderful man who has helped so many people.

Since I’ve known him, he’s bought a new computer for a lady in Texas who is homebound, when her old one broke down…and he’s helped others with their heating bills and items they’ve needed but couldn’t afford. He’s told me to tell him if there is anything I need he can help with, to just ask, but until his Santa Ralph post, I really couldn’t bring myself to ask.

And he still had to “order” me to make a list: “Now Lyann V—–. What am I going to do with you. I have ordered Lori —–  from Dear Mrs Migraine to go into an online shop to pick out what she needs and email me a list or I will go in there myself in 10 hours time and order an elephant instead of the crochet whatevers. Now what about you and your kids. I will not accept NO. You are all too proud. I have some loose change and I want to help you. There are shops all over the internet. You have 10 hours as well to email me your shopping list and that’s an order from Santa Ralph……………………9hrs 59min 50 secs…….get cracking.

(Dear Mrs Migraine is another blog, by a blogger I now know, because of Dear Santa Ralph – she can be found here: http://dearmsmigraine.com/2012/12/06/the-newness-of-it-all/)

So, I made a list of items and sent them to Santa Ralph, and this morning he e-mailed me the shipping info from Amazon. Each child’s wish is being fulfilled – except Trin is getting an MP3 player instead of a marching band jacket, as the band ordered the jackets weeks ago. Rane is getting a camera, Zack is getting an archery set, and Eva is getting her skates.

Of course, Santa Ralph is such a dear, he wrote to me again:

Are all the orders okay for your children inc. pink guards J What about yourself ? I got Lori her elephant………no hooky thingies. Ralph x

(The “pink guards” are blade guards…and Ralph must really be Santa since he somehow knew not only that Eva would need new guards to go with new skates, but  that Eva’s favorite color is pink )

And the conversation continued:

Dear Santa,

The orders are wonderful – I think the archery set+ is amazing, and Eva’s favorite color is pink. I know Trin will love the MP3 player, and Rane will be joyous over the camera. All the children will be so very happy!

If you insist

…I happen to love elephants, and particularly Ganesha. I have often thought I would like a statue of Ganesha, as I have only a framed picture of him now.

My coach e-mailed me right after I got your e-mail about the order with the skates – Eva wears a shoe size 8, and the general rule is to wear skates a shoe size smaller…but Coach said she thinks Eva needs her actual shoe size. Will there be a problem if the size needs to be changed on the order? Coach said the model we ordered was perfect.

Actually, I just now received another e-mail from Coach, and she said the 7 should work: “Hope the 7s fit ok. Think it should work.” I love our coach!

What hookie thingie did Lori ask for? That sounds intriguing 🙂



Hi Lyann. This is Lori’s Post. The Crochet Dude item has a link to her hookie thingies. I don’t know the technical term. Where can I get Ganesha from. Will Amazon have one ? I know I’ll google it. I said I’d buy an elephant but it was for the wrong person. Let me know if you find one that you would like me to get you. I hope the shoes will be okay. I expect you should be able to change them. I expect the paperwork that comes with the skates will tell you.

I am pleased as punch for your children. Enjoy !!

Dear Santa,

I suspected the hookie things were crochet hooks! That’s cool there’s a special design to make crocheting easier on the hands. You are just amazing, Ralph! There is a very nice Ganesha site called Ganesh Mall at: http://www.ganeshmall.com/ and there are Ganesha statues on Amazon, too

For quite some time I have liked one particular statue that I have just never had the money to buy…if you insist upon getting me one it can be another. The one I’ve been looking at is: Colorful Ganesh Statue on a Base, 12 Inches High Item # : WCSGE095GM at http://www.ganeshmall.com/ganesh-statues/buy-ganesh-statue.html

I hope you are having a wonderful day, Santa Ralph!



Ganesh mall does not have an overseas payment facility only US/Canada drop down boxes. Have a look at the Amazon link


and see if there is anything there you like. I know Amazon works


From: Lyann V

To: Ralph W

You are going to make me cry again today, aren’t you?

Thank you so very much for the blessings you have bestowed, not only for my family but for so many others I know there are who could thank you.

You are truly a blessing to the world, Ralph and I am blessed to have you as a friend.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too – you certainly deserve both 🙂


You are very welcome. Enjoy it. Ralph x


If you would like to choose. Ralph x

Companies have no right to complain that Amazon has monopolized internet shopping, when those same companies are not universally user-friendly 🙂

From: Lyann V

To: Ralph W

Subject: Re: Your Order with Amazon.com

Yep, you made me cry. But, it is very nice to be crying tears of joy!

Thank you, Santa Ralph…there is a special place on a table in my living room awaiting the arrival of a brightly colored Ganesha, which will henceforth always remind me of you 🙂

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs


Hi Lyann. You are making me cry now ! I have really done nothing. The love between all members of your family are worth a million dollars than 5 minutes in PayPal. Gifts are just a cherry on the cake that you are blessed with. I have done nothing. Have a wonderful time and the anticipation for the children is a touch of happiness for them. Ralph x


I wrote a blog post to thank Santa, and if you’d like to see that, it’s here: http://valdecor.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/i-believe/


The conversation continued after that post, when I wrote to Ralph expressing my desire to tell the world about him:

I really don’t mind you doing a post or leaving a comment in Dear Ralph or whichever way you want to play it. I also don’t mind if you use my name. I did a post a few weeks called I HURT !! I really thought that I shouldn’t do it but I had that pushing feeling that I had to do it. I bought a computer for Elisa who was very ill and her computer was dead. Because of it I since learned that other people spurred on by my post had bought items for others in need, such as a girl going to university whose computer died days before she really needed one and got an email to go to her local shop and buy  herself one and he would pay. People copy each other and being the season of good joy I don’t mind others copying what I did. Even one person is fantastic. Love and hugs. Ralph x

Thank you for letting me know that, Ralph – it will make it less stressful trying to thank Santa!
I’ll admit, I already told my coach all about you – I just had to let someone know who you are and how wonderful you are 🙂 I’m happy to know that it’s okay to share with the world the fact that it really is so much brighter with people like you…and with people who might be inspired by you to share the spirit of Christmas in some fashion.
Every little bit helps, and you helped my family a lot! And my coach said “it is the sweetest thing I ever heard.” You made her cry, too, dear Ralph. Well, I did, I guess, since I told her about you and Santa Ralph.
I remember the post you mentioned, and I also remember other people saying your actions spurred them to do something similar. This is a beautiful thing, but I wanted to make certain that spreading the news occurs on Santa’s terms, not my own 🙂
Again, you are a beautiful, wonderful, amazing person, Ralph….Santa Ralph….Genie Ralph….Dearest Ralph :x lovestruck
Hugs all around!

18 thoughts on “Up on the Rooftop…

    • Thank You, and Yes, Rohan – hope that the spirit of Christmas not only exists, but persists! Thanks to dearest Santa Ralph, my family had a most memorable Christmas I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!




    • I have met many such people here in the blogosphere, but Ralph is especially dear 🙂 I am happy to be able to share the news about his kind and generous spirit!


    • I’m glad you think so, Sis! I thought the whole thing played out very nicely and certainly surprisingly. Merry Christmas, love and hugs to you and the kiddos 🙂


  1. He’s an amazing Santa Lyann…….and a dear sweet friend. Your children will LOVE the gifts. But all I can say is he better not have sent me any hooky thingy’s OR elephants. I gave strict orders against such shenanigans. I’m going to have to check out these elephants you two were talking about.


        • lol, Ralph, this could go on forever 😀 Reminds me of a book called Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. It’s about a little hare and a big hare who keep exchanging ever-larger expressions of “I love you this much”… at the end, Little Nutbrown Hare tells Big Nutbrown Hare, “I love you right up to the moon.” And when Little Nutbrown Hare is settled into his bed of leaves to sleep, Big Nutbrown Hare leaned over, kissed him goodnight and whispered with a smile, “I love you right up to the moon – and back.”
          I love you right up to the moon – and back, Santa Ralph 😀


      • That is very sweet Big Nutbrown Hare, I have not heard that tale before. I was just about to shut down as I am going to my party soon, but this came through and I have to answer you before I go out. My eyes are full of tears. I am so pleased for your family this Christmas. Hugs Ralph x


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