“We must respond not with ugly hatred but with beautiful purpose”.
Things do not happen for a reason, they only happen – it is then up to us to give them a reason. If we don’t, then the tragedy becomes a thousand times greater”.

Rule of Stupid

**I should have posted this link initially, but here it is – The forgiveness project – teaching an alternative to hate.**

I was a victim, became a survivor, then slowly, painfully, I became just a person.

At last my future was no longer already written by the pen of my past; no longer an inevitable consequence of my history; no longer one of ‘overcoming’ and therefore still being defined by my trauma.

Not only was this a slow and painful journey for me, it was painful for a lot of people.

One of the things I used to do was something I realise now is quite common, extreme in some but often present in small ways in all of us.

By way of a silly example, let’s say someone stole my bicycle. I am angry, and unable to get to school, so I look around and see another bike just…

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