“It’s called experience. Living. And once you’ve done enough of it, you tend to believe in yourself more.”
And further:
“You speak your mind more. You know your mind more. You charge ahead more. You have opinions. Convictions. And you’re not hesitant about sharing them. On the contrary, you’re hard to stop. You don’t waste precious time. You appreciate more. You’re willing to try more. Throw caution to the wind more. You do more. And worry less. Because you’ve survived more.”

365 And Counting

After’s yesterday’s story, about how quickly time seems to pass as you get older, I thought I’d explore the benefits of aging, today.  How’s that for a positive statement?  Garden pathway along sunny flower wall leading into the distanceThe benefits of aging.

I know.  You think I’ve gone mad.  Well, prepare to be surprised.

Think about it for a minute.  Ours may be a youth-centric culture, but not everything around us is.

Many wines mature and become better over time.  And more valuable.  The longer you age cheese, the better it tastes.  In fact some cheeses are aged for as long as three hundred years.  Imagine.

Art and artifacts and furniture are worth more with each passing year.  In fact, the more ‘worn’ they are, the more the paint is peeling, the more scratched and shabby they all are, the more we covet them; and the more we’re willing to pay.  If Van Gogh and Michelangelo and…

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