I Can Therefore I Do

“It is very easy to focus on what you’ve lost….Instead, I focus on what I’ve gained. This ordeal has completely realigned my priorities in life.”

These words ring so true for me…this post is an amazing testimony to the power of the human spirit – and the human mind, and ultimately serves as a reminder that it’s often not just our priorities which need reordering, but our entire thought process.

“I have made solid progress. Because I believed in myself. Oh, and countless hours of hard work. I’m actually thankful for everything that’s happened …”.

Ditto 😀

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Nick Art Tattoo

Today, as I watched my son walk a few steps unsupported down the hallway of the home in which he lives independently, preparing to walk his bride to be down the aisle in a few months’ time, I was struck by an inspiration… not difficult when you are watching a miracle walking.

I asked him to write something for the blog. He agreed. I merely cut and paste.

Some who follow this blog will already know that on July 4th 2009 my son was left for dead in an alley, a screwdriver rammed through his skull and deep into his brain. He was not expected to survive, and when, remarkably, he did not die, the prognosis held no hope for his future given the extent of the brain damage.

His decision making capacity, intellect, behaviour, language centres and memory were the areas that took the direct damage. Secondary damage hit…

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