Just Gotta…

This is how I feel right now…


3 thoughts on “Just Gotta…

  1. Hey. A Lyann sighting !! Hi !! You up all night again or dancing like this guy (who’s brilliant !!) Hope you are all okay. I owe you an email..Ralph xox ❤


    • Hi Ralph!
      I logged in today to comment on your new post – so happy to find that you commented here! 😀
      Yes, up all night for several nights- storms have Zack all worried sick, so neither of us can sleep. I’d love to dance like the guy in the video, although I don’t, but I do feel that good. The kiddos and I took up playing tennis over the weekend (I used to play years ago and when we came across the French Open on TV suddenly everyone wanted to play tennis) – although I could hardly walk after the first day, I’m back to normal and just wanting to keep moving 🙂
      A FB post by a classmate of mine about a snake in the kitchen made me look up an old post on this blog about my similar experience, and then I just couldn’t help but share the dancing video. Now I think I might begin blogging again…
      I hope all is well with you and the kitties!
      Love and Hugs,


      • So sorry that I have been so long in replying. I am way behind with blogging as there is no time with real life taking over at the moment. I hope the storms have passed and that Zack is able to sleep now. It’s great that you all try different sports and tennis is a good one to try. See one of you in the finals at Wimbledon in the future. I am okay, out all day on a long drive for more hospital tests today. The cats are enjoying our summer watching the swallows and sparrows all day. Hope you are all well and experiencing better weather. Hugs to you all. Ralph ❤


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