All Together Now

I came across this (quote below) on the My Resources on Savism Facebook page, and it seems appropriate for the way life has been “here” this past week – because my husband’s X-Box ‘ceased functioning’ (well, that’s not how he put it, but I’ll leave it at that…). Now, instead of sitting in the front room to watch what are, to me, disgusting and violent (and terribly loud) programs via that thing – not to mention playing games of the same sort – my husband has taken to sitting in the back room where I study. And he’s not just sitting, he’s watching all that vile stuff back here.

What’s been running through my mind, sing-song, each evening this week: “All together now,” since now the entire family has been crowding together in what had been my little sanctuary, just because my sanctuary (now) holds the only working TV in the house, with Netflix connected to the Wii (we don’t have satellite).


Before the ‘breakdown’ I did enjoy spending a bit of time nightly with my husband in the front room, watching Sherlock Holmes, but now my space has been invaded…well, I won’t go on about it.

What drew me to read this quote from Gurudeva was the part about “all the things you cannot avoid listening to and seeing on TV” – yes, I can go to the empty front room, or into my bedroom, to study – but you would not believe how loudly my husband plays the TV; there is just no escaping it. The children have learned to go to bed and sleep through the cacophony of atrocious sounds, and I have learned to study through it all – but those sounds are still echoing throughout my home wherever I go to try to regain ‘sanctuary’ and I don’t like that.

So, on to the quote (and, at this time my husband has gone to bed and I am in my normal work-through-the-night mode, in blissful peace and quiet) 🙂

Gurdeva wrote about this foundational aspect of his mission:

“I was asked recently what to do about all the things that you cannot avoid listening to and seeing on the TV and news and reading about–atrocities, crime, murders, poverty, unfairness–which …may tend to disturb one’s sadhana. To perform good sadhana, we have to have a good philosophical foundation, which is found in Dancing with Siva, Living with Siva and Merging with Siva–The Master Course trilogy. A good philosophical foundation allows us to understand why we have the highest and the lowest human expressions here on planet Earth. Philosophers and mystics have for centuries said, “Only on planet Earth in a physical body can you realize the Self, because only here, in this world, do you have all twenty-one chakras functioning.” You need the lowest in order to realize the highest. Some people are born peaceful because of merits attained in past lives. They are born helpful, and they are the uplifters of mankind. Others are born angry, scheming, conniving, resentful, and they are the doubters, the detractors, of mankind. But all have an equal place here on planet Earth. All are going through a similar evolution up the spinal column to the top of the head, through the door of Brahman and finally out.”

Thank You, Gurudeva  ♥

Aum Namah Śivaya